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11 September 2007 @ 19:51
 Hey hey,

Just an update to say that the wedding was simply awful, Lucy ran out of the church. I didn't sing, but I did get so drunk that my cousin who i hadn't seen in 10 years now knows my entire sad little life story, I drank a 70cl bottle of whiskey before the reception and before the wedding I had a box of wine so my liver took a kick in that day, I smoked so many cigarettes that the M6 is currantly being built in my lungs and oh yes, I started a fight.

With the best man.

Who punched my boyfriend instead of me... Which only made me want to kick his arse more really but I was dragged outside by my sisters, who were all equally as intoxicated as me, Joanna for example, was stoned out of her tree and there was jus no getting through to her.

Maggie just walked around all night with this smug as sin look on her face, apparently, Dad's going to change his last name to enclude hers as well, I was like, SAY WHAT?!?!

Dad looked totally drugged out of his face, it was so sad to watch, aparently at one point he tried to do a runner but the stupid best man got him back. 

I've not even been able to write about it until now, sorry it took so long to let you know the exciting outcome.

x x x
19 August 2007 @ 14:26
In case anyone finds answering these cathartic or something. Don't feel compelled to answer or anything :)

Tell us about a moment that made you realise just how much your family sucks
14 August 2007 @ 22:03
What a safe haven this place is huh?

Right, anyone with ANY answers to this one please, PLEASE help me out.

My Family is this; Mum, My Aunty Kathrine and my cousin Rachel on Mums side and my Dad, who has three daughters my half sisters Joanna Adel and Lucy.

Mum and Dad are devorced, and have been since I was seven, because my dad thinks he's James bond and can have numerous 'secret' affairs. But hey kept seeing each other even though he kept having other girlfriends and my mum was sad and bla bla bla, roll on christmas 2006 where dad is diagnosed with Cancer, and not cancer you can recover from, suddenly this nurse lady girl friend of his comes on the scene and lo and behold, they're getting married! Oh no, it'll break mums heart will it not? no! she carries on being with him, even though this is exactly what dad did to her and she should know better, but!

Who is this Maggie? why is she going about falling in love with my Dad who only has a couple of years to live? why would she get married to him when it's clear he has to provide for me and my sisters, it's all just to confusing, so me as the youngest, I'll get some support from my sisters, right?

Wrong! They're all too busy fighting amongst themselves, Joannas going back out with a man named george who landed her in hospital AND taught her 14 year old black son to sell weed, the police took one look at him and sent him to juvvie, so Adel wont talk to Joanna cause now are nephew's being brought up in a house where he's exposed to wife beating and drug dealing, lucys just blown her inheritance on buying a car for her alcoholic fiancee who is BANNED from driving, and Adel is starting a war with Maggie who will very soon have the power to ban her from seeing our dad.

The wedding is this saturday, that's like, four days away, and they've asked me to SING! none of my RL friends give a shit about what this is doing to me so hopefully someone SOMEWHERE will have a hand for me to hold?

pwetty pwease?

Sarah, the streesed out

x x x
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10 August 2007 @ 19:13
So to roll the ball a bit, I thought I'd ask you a question:

Who is your most hated family member and why?

You can reply in a comment to this, or in a post here if it gets long!